Evaluation of projects and programs

A large number (approx. 750) of project proposals and of programs was evaluated over the years. The proposals were from funding bodies from The Netherlands, the EU, the USA and Singapore.

Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
During a period of 6 years, more than 500 proposals were evaluated in the area of microbial and plant biotechnology.
Dutch Ministry of Agriculture
During a period of 3 years, more than120 proposals were evaluated in the area of environmentally friendly processes in the bioconversion of agricultural outlets.
European Commission
Over 30 proposals were evaluated in the environmental biotechnology field.
European Science Foundation
In the frame of the Gpoll program, approximately 50 proposals were evaluated on ground water pollution control.
National Science Foundation, USA
Evaluation of various proposals, for instance projects in a special competition Life in Extreme Environments.
Evaluation of proposals on second generation bioproduction processes.