Professor and Head of the Department of Industrial Microbiology Wageningen University

As head of the Department of Industrial Microbiology at the University of Wageningen, responsibilities comprised coordinating research and teaching. Research topics included bioproduction of chiral compounds such as epoxides, hydroxylated aromatics from sugars, solvent-tolerant bacteria and their use in bioproduction processes, bioproduction of astaxanthin by yeast, and the application of white rot fungi in biotechnological and environmental processes and extracellular enzymes (peroxidases, oxidases) from these organisms. This department was established in 1987 and was staffed with 5 university employees, including 2 full-time associate professors. The department also had approximately 20 postdoctoral fellows and PhD students, and 10 MSc students and foreign guests.

September 1987 – August 2001 Wageningen